Friday, January 25

Today's live webcast from Ohio State a huge success

As Chance the Gardener said "I like to watch".

So it was that I not only learnt about Dispute Systems Design from the distinguished panel at the Ohio State Symposium but also - from the lady in the stylish coat sitting by the camera - that you simply can't fly to Bloomington, Indiana from Columbus so she is taking a rental as you read this.

Maybe I just need a cold shower, but listening LIVE to a symposium on the other side of the world is a complete blast. The audio was faultless and the picture not bad. I lost the visual towards the end but it did not seem to detract.

Two suggestions if I may; have a roving mic in order to pick up questions from the floor and either move the camera to a better position or tell the guy with the big hair to sit somewhere else.

Congratulations to all involved at Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.

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