Friday, March 21

The Mediation Times

Welcome to The Mediation Times, a brand new blog from UK commercial mediator Amanda Bucklow which she describes as a 'new blog for events, articles and opinions'.

Although I couldn't immediately see how to do it, one of the innovative aspects of this blog is that experienced mediators can find the profiles of 'willing assistants' - and new mediators themselves can upload a profile.

The latest post links to a video of Prof Chris Guthrie giving the Saltman Lecture at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Misjudging: Why Disputants Are Better Off in Consensual Processes than in Litigation.

Amanda is also the author of the first professional research project into the competencies of UK mediators.

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Diane Levin said...

Geoff, thanks as always for your vigilance in spotting new ADR blogs!

Since this is a Wordpress blog, I'm guessing that the way to create a profile on this blog and to become an assistant there, you probably do the following. To create a profile, it looks like you register by clicking on the "Register" link in the left sidebar and set up an account on that blog. A password will be emailed to you. After that you'll have the opportunity to create a profile.