Tuesday, April 22

John Lassey - where have you been?!

A new bright star has appeared on the horizon announced yesterday, as is appropriate, by The World Directory of ADR Blogs.

John Lassey's Mediation Stuff is full of promise and scratches an itch in the mediation blogosphere by focusing on 'the resolution of civil litigation cases – those matters where the primary motivation for the participants is money'.

John is a mediator of 15 years and a gnarly old trial attorney with 30 years in the salt mines of civil litigation under his belt. You can find him at the New Hampshire law firm of Wadleigh, Starr & Peters.

In addition to the handful of interesting posts John has written - like Ask Not for Whom the Bell Curve Tolls . . . looking at ways way liability insurance carriers approach settlement of personal injury cases - take a look at some of his articles;

1. Dealing with Insurance Company Claims Representatives (06)
2. Of Potted Plants and Personal Injury:a Contrarian View of Mediation (07)
3. Effective Negotiation and Settlement Techniques (08)

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