Thursday, May 15

The Future of Civil Mediation

Sir Anthony Clarke, Master of the Rolls on The Future of Civil Mediation -keynote speech at last week's Civil Mediation Council National Conference, Birmingham, UK.

"... what can perhaps be said is that a horse (even a very obstinate horse) is more likely to drink if taken to water. We should be doing more to encourage (and perhaps direct) the horse to go to the trough. The more horses approach the trough the more will drink from it. Litigants being like horses we should give them every assistance to settle their disputes in this way. We do them, and the justice system, a disservice if we do not".

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Colm said...

Good stuff Geoff - but why is it that more of the judiciary (especially o/s of the UK) do not encourage the use of mediation beyond just lip service to the idea?