Sunday, May 4

OMG, you guys would tell me if I'm becoming too preachy, right?

A message from mediator and annual cyberweek hero, John DeBruyn of Denver, about yesterday's ABA post, was sitting in my email this morning;

"...Having presided over the decline and fall of a once very active email lawyer discussion group Network-Lawyers, I have a theory.... which leads me to pin the decline and fall of many great online email and web based discussion groups, like Dispute-Res for example, on the advent of Google and the rise of blogs ....I am going to read this over the weekend and pick some ideas and share them to see if we can spawn a few online discussion threads at

Thanks so much Geoff for sharing so much and so often with us from your pulpit

I will be back with an idea or two for further discussion"

Thanks John.

And folks, as Diane Levin says; be a joiner. Don't leave it to a few of us to make all the noise - we won't do this forever.

So join the online discussion at;

For more detail visit; Want to join an international listserve of arbitrators, mediators and peacemakers?

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