Tuesday, June 3

Mediating f2f holographically

Ok, when you are truly a carbon neutral mediator in future years and refuse to travel big distances to your high stakes mediations, remember you saw world’s first live holographic video feed here on blah... blah...

See these guys? They are on stage together, but the chap on the left is in Bangalore, India and the two on the right are in San Jose, CA. This is now!

My guess is that, within a decade, many of us will insist on mediating with 3D holographic display technology beaming up the parties and their lawyers effortlessly from all around the city, state, country or globe.

When you play the video, watch the start as these Cisco executives, who are in the US, walk on stage in Bangalore.

Hat tip to Guy Kawasaki

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Stephanie said...

Geoff, I was just about to blog about this very same topic and its implications for mediation when your post appeared in my Google reader. Thanks.

A fascinating technology! I first saw this video at Presentation Revolution here:


You can read about Ray Bradbury being teleported from Los Angeles to Kentucky here:


In that post, I link to an amazing video of teleporting in which the governor of Texas was teleported from Austin to Dallas, Texas.

What a world! Soon you and I will be able to have dinner together without a plane ride. How about a year from now? What do you want me to serve?