Thursday, July 31

Closing the Deal

There's a new installment in CPR's 'Master Mediator' series - Rags & Me by Bob Creo.

'My own experience as a young lawyer representing my childhood friend in his divorce is my “mediator teaching story” that guides my approach to closing the deal.

Harry and Louise, college sweethearts, had a short and tumultuous marriage. I had barely opened my practice after only two years as an attorney, when Harry dropped into my office asking me to represent him in his divorce. This was much needed business for me as a storefront lawyer operating in a tiny office across the street from my elementary school...

I neither sign nor witness the document, but I offer to be named in it as a resource to engage in a med-arb process should there be unclear or missing terms in the drafting of a comprehensive, formal document. Most parties welcome my continued involvement and rarely do they return to me for assistance. I recommend that the parties consider submission of open matters to the court or to a special master to fill in any gaps or uncertainties' [read more]

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