Thursday, July 24

Mediation Knols

For those who have always seen blogs as nice but too much work I am pleased to introduce you to a new publishing platform known as a knol (nōl) — a unit of knowledge.

A knol is a free service from Google.

It is an authoritative article about a specific topic, a stand alone piece - and while it can be updated it is not a running series of posts in the way blogs are.

So from knols on Toilet Clogs to Type 1 Diabetes they came in all shapes.

You can write alone or collaborate with selected colleagues, include photos and diagrams - up to you. Then publish them to the world.

So for those aspiring to write but not able to commit to publishing a blog, this platform is your thing.

I promise to feature the first mediation knol written by a blahblah reader - just send me the details when you're done.

Start here - sign up using your Google account details

Welcome to Knol
What can I write about?
Can I collaborate with others?
How will people find my knol?

Writing Knols
How do I write and save a knol?
How do I publish a knol?
How do I establish my credentials?

Best Practices: How to Write Good Knols
Things to do
Things to avoid


Michael said...
the topic is finding an international mediator, and the text is excerpted from a draft of a book I've been working on (and may never actually complete...) on international dispute resolution. this excerpt presents the mediation process from a party's perspective, and I would be interested in any insight, edits or comments of blah blah readers.

Laurie, Owner of Halo Secretarial Services said...

Interesting - I hadn't heard of knols before, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the links!

Dina Lynch, said...

Wow,very cool Geoff. It took all of ten minutes for me to upload an article, and maybe 5 more to join adsense.

Here's the link: