Wednesday, July 30

Significant report on ADR in Ireland out today

A Consultation Paper on Alternative Dispute Resolution authored by the Law Reform Commission of Ireland is out today.

I can't find the full text of the 356 page paper but it should appear at the Commission's Reports or Consultation page soon.

Meanwhile here is a summary of the 36 provisional recommendations and a press report here.


STEPcoach said...

First, I think it's a tremendous proposal - obviously. As a domestic mediator I think all family conflicts should be settled through mediation. Of course there are some cases that wouldn't fit, but most would be better served by a directed discussion.
Second, I'm not surprised. The Irish have a racial predisposition to talking! (BTW, although I'm in the USA, all four of my grandparents were Irish descendants.) We saved civilization once, it only makes sense to look to us for good ideas.

Colm said...

Hi Geoff,

It is available at: