Friday, August 8

blahblah go slow

The happy little DR elves who get up at all hours to write this blog, even when they have a big mediation the next day, advise me that they are going to kick back for a couple of weeks - might even go travelling they say, maybe see their nephew win gold!

But I'm hoping they will leave a skeleton staff and post when they can.


Chris Annunziata said...

Wow, that is fantastic! I know you will have fun. The 96 Olympics here in Atlanta were a special time. Best of luck to your nephew! If the rowing isn't on at 3 am here, I'll watch!

Geoff said...

Chris, Beijing has to be the centre of the universe right now - it's an amazing Games with the Chinese people absolutely intent on staging the best Games ever - no detail has been spared. As for my nephew, he came through the heats on yesterday with the fastest time so he's in the hunt. His final, if he makes it, is next Saturday afternoon - local time.