Saturday, August 30

What Happens When A Gorilla Firm Moves into Town?

Read a JAMS/AAA/ADR Services or Judicate West instead of 'Biglaw' in this piece by legal marketing whiz Tom Kane.

'First of all sit down, relax and have a good laugh. Because, unless the mega firm is moving into town for reasons relating to an existing client or a local merger, they really aren't a threat...

>They're too expensive for most of your clients,
>They are an unknown quantity, unless they merge with a local firm (and that will only make your old/now larger competitor more expensive),
>Smart businesses will know that unless they are a large corporation themselves, they will just become a smaller fish in a bigger pond,
>Most of your clients don't know anything about the firm nor would have any reason to go to a larger firm, and
>Most importantly, BigLaw does not or is unlikely to have a relationship with your clients, and you do...' [
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