Monday, October 13

Haven't read Blawg Review #181? Dust off your PI policy now!

Blawg Review #181 is a triumph and it's professional negligence not to read it.

Hosted by the much loved matriarch of the ADR blogosphere, Diane Levin over at the Mediation Channel, Blawg Review #181 celebrates International Conflict Resolution Day.

What can I say? Blawg Review #181 is like real fruit ice cream, so many links to discover the deeper you dig, complete with a Monty Python sketch and an illusion that, depending on which way you see the dancer spinning, tells you more about yourself than you want to know.

Head on over before you're sued.

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Diane Levin said...

Geoff, thank you so very much for all your kind support. I missed working with you this year and looked back with much nostalgia on co-hosting last year's Conflict Resolution Day Blawg Review with you. I really appreciate the shout-out!

Congratulations again on your achievement with the fellowship award. It's very well deserved!