Friday, October 24

WTH DY mean?

Okay, I still think of myself as young.

Like, I jog.

I LOVE the latest Duffy album and Susan is forever telling me to grow up. And she would know if I had some left to do, wouldn't she?

So why? Why did I not have a clue what this young lawyer meant when she passed me this note in mediation yesterday that said;

Geoff, we nd a break sn. w'r concrnd bout whr dis S goin n nd 2 spk 2 d client. cn w'v @ lEst 1/2 an hour n cn u cum n 4t lst 10 mins? we'll nd u 2 Xpln dis l8st dvlopmnt coz we ddnt Xpct 2hv 2 tlk bout it hre.


Arnold Zeman said...

Well, at least the handwriting is legible!
But what's the point? It's not a question of a limit on the number of characters as in SMS or text messages. And it can't possibly save time for either the author or the reader to write or read this way.
So it's a cultural artefact, I suppose, that has to do with identity, e.g. I can read this therefore I'm cool (kewl) -- you can't therefore you're not!

Chris Annunziata said...

LMFAO. dats hilarious. BTW duffy s jst rehashd 60's soul msic, so u R old.

(I had to use to write most of that.)