Tuesday, December 30


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year all.

Consistent with previous years, this blog will go quiet over January but as with past summer family expeditions, I hope to report to you, my dear reader, on matters mediation from exotic points along our route.

Who knows what I will find for you in deepest darkest Peru? Or high in the Andean valleys as we look for the secrets of the Incan Empire?

Or perhaps I will stumble upon a thriving community of lost mediators as we touch down on mysterious Easter Island maybe?

And last, a confession - earlier this month I attempted, with the help of my colleague Diane Levin, to generate some buzz in the ADR blogosphere by running a best ADR post for 2008 competition.

Thank you to the 4 bloggers who entered but I felt maybe my timing was off and that the same thing early next year might generate more interest.

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Chris Annunziata said...

Woo hoo! Top 4 Posts!

Have fun on your trip and I, for one, will welcome your travelogue when you return.

Happy New Year.