Friday, December 12

so can i?

My present mediator's lifestyle certainly beats the old biglaw days of long hours and young mouths to feed both at home and at the office - but it still takes its toll, travel mainly.

When I arrived back in Wellington this morning from a 4 day road trip mediating back to back in different centres around New Zealand - and having finally finished up around 11.30pm last night - I turned on my phone as the plane taxied off the runway to be honoured with a text from my 13 y/o; "Yo dad, can i stay at bens 2nite?"

I reply before I get off the plane; "Hi Dad, how was your work in Auckland Dad, I know you are working hard so we can go on our summer holiday Dad, can't wait to see you Dad"

He replies as I walk to get my bags; "yeah dad, all dat gud?" and then as I climb into a cab; "so can i?"

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Rick Weiler said...

Geoff, this post really resonates. So could he? Being a mediator, naturally concerned with making a good decision, all things considered, I'm guessing you responded with an open question like, "what did your mother say?"

All the best for the Holidays Geoff and continued success and much joy for 2009.