Tuesday, January 20

This is not everyday stuff. Does all this signal a new culture of collaborative excellence?

A reflective piece by Mediate.com's Jim Melamed as the US turns a page tomorrow - Obama, Miracle on the Hudson and a Society of Collaborative Excellence

"What are the odds of Barack Obama becoming President? And what are the odds of 155 passengers surviving a plane crash into the Hudson River?

As this pilot landed the plane without a life lost... I can not help thinking of Obama as our pilot, the world’s pilot... if anyone can land this plane, it will be Obama... And I see bigger things. I see a larger social commitment to collaborative excellence. Just as the passengers remarkably cooperated to exit the plane within 90 seconds, being courteous and effective under pressure, so I see our society evolving. While there will surely be mistakes and a good measure of pragmatism, one has a sense that Obama is leading a culture of collaborative excellence"


michael webster said...

Geoff, as a reflective outsider shouldn't you be a bit more concerned about the weight of unreasonable expectations?

Elizabeth K said...

The 'unreasonable expectations' are not Obama's problem. They belong to those who place those unreasonable expections on another.