Saturday, January 24

Who the hell is Brother Mat and where can we report him?

In response to a call for outlandish mediation techniques by the good folks over at ADR Prof Blog this week, they got this;

Posted by Brother Mat // Jan 21, 2009 at 5:28 pm

Reality testing is an essential tool in mediation. Conceptually, a mediator invokes a sort-of reducio ad absurdum* argument with the unrealistic party. That is why I have created, Mr. Cookie Sock-Puppet Man. As you can guess, Mr. Cookie Sock-Puppet Man is a well dressed sock puppet. When I have an unrealistic party, Mr. Cookie Sock-Puppet Man suddenly appears and joins the mediation. He is gifted with penetrating googly-eyes and an endearing sock-puppet face which allows him to break through the irrational positions of the party in question by showing him or her just how absurd they are.

Some have said that Mr. Cookie Sock-Puppet Man is, and I quote, “unbelievably condescending” and “an unnecessary insult during an already difficult time.” Nevertheless, Mr. Cookie Sock Puppet Man has broken through many impasses by refocusing rage from across the table to his lovable, dopey self.

Yes, he does often wear a stylish derby.

*What, are you stupid? re·duc·ti·o ad ab·sur·dum(r-dkt-d b-sûrdm,-zûr-,-sh-)


Brother Mat said...

While I cannot truly argue with my critics, as I understand their dismay, I have been given permission to share some Mr. Cookie Sock-Puppet Man's most successful resolutions:

An employment comp. case between Honeydew Labs and its accident prone employee Mr. Beaker

Zoning dispute between Daniel Striped Tiger and King Friday (representing the Neighborhood of Make Believe)

Complaint by Doc Jerome Crystal against Exterminex, Co regarding their inability to remove the infestation of oddly-humanoid pests from his wall


Dispute between Mr. Gepetto (representing his minor son) and G.M. Theatre regarding some perceived fraud.

Bill W. said...

The title of this entry should be:

Who the hell is Brother Mat and what else can he teach us?

Simply inspired.