Wednesday, March 11

I'm 51, I don't understand Facebook and how it can be used for my business

... but this video may help: How to Use Facebook for Business

And if you are a FB member,
here's blahblah's FB business page.

Now what?


Diane Levin said...

Geoff, I know you'll get all kinds of conflicting advice on this, but here's what I've done.

I'm not using Facebook for business. Some will no doubt think that's heresy, but here's why.

When I created my Facebook profile, it was my intention to use it professionally, but I was quickly "friended" by my son, my ex-husband (that's actually a good thing, he and I are the best of pals), and then far-flung friends and old classmates. I made the decision to use Facebook for personal contacts only - using it to chat with friends during non-work hours or set up time to hang out. (It's already difficult since some of my colleagues are really good friends. I may be blurring the line from time to time. We'll see.)

I use LinkedIn for business contacts, and am also experimenting with Twitter for networking. Those two, together with my blog, constitute the social media tools that I use in my professional life.

For me, it made sense to erect a discrete curtain between my professional and personal lives. These tools can be a great way to connect, arrange meet-ups, or network, but for me I needed to be clear for each what my purpose is and stick with that.

Looking forward to seeing you in New York, Geoff!

Chris Annunziata said...

LOL. I don't know either, and I'm 38.

I really don't plan to use FB for my business. Call me stupid, but I keep Facebook to my close friends, to whom I can say anything. I can comment about Obama's *cough* "economic plan" or comment on some ridiculous reality show or celebutart without worrying about upsetting a potential client. I also don't want my business colleagues/clients knowing when I am going to take advantage of a beautiful afternoon and ride my bike at 3 pm on a Tuesday. And yes, I could censor myself, but I don't want to. I do that enough on my blog.

I used LinkedIn for cultivating business relationship, but don't spend nearly as much time there.

Kevin Forrester said...

Hello Geoff,

I, like you, have set up a FB "page" for business (here: ) and a "profile" for family and friends. This "page" links to other business venues like "LinkedIn" and my blogsite and my twitter page. I've heard one or all of these referred to as the place where hours go to die.

Kevin Forrester

Anonymous said...

The "page" option is really quite useful for a business purpose. It, for the most part, allows your personal profile to be be separate from the business yet you maintain full administrative control over it.