Thursday, March 26

Timing is everything

Having just completed a factually rich mediation where we all needed to get our heads around a chronology of events that stretched over some days and where the minute by minute order of things was important to understanding the value of the case, it seemed to me we needed to do more than a text document with events listed by date.

Plus we needed to constantly refer to it and add to it as the story developed - so it effectively took the whiteboard out of play for the two days we sat in front of it.

What we really needed was a laptop, a data projector and timeline.

And what would be really cool, in a big mediation, would be to put the key documents online (easy to do) and link to them from within the timeline itself. "So on this date, this fax was sent but didn't get actioned until that date and meanwhile all these things intervened and you can see the photos here..."

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