Tuesday, April 7

If you belong to any of these organisations get your skates on

If you belong to one of these organisations you have 84 days to qualify for IMI certification and why wouldn't you?

Experienced commercial mediators are able to gain IMI Certification via the Experience Qualification Path, and include your Mediator Profile on the IMI Web Portal, without undertaking a test, if you belong to any one of these;

ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC Chartered Mediator) www.adrcanada.ca
AMINZ (AMINZ Mediator Fellow) www.aminz.org.nz
BBMC (BBMC Accredited Mediator) www.bbmc-mediation.be
CIArb (CIArb Mediation Fellow) www.arbitrators.org
IMAQ (Certified Mediator - Route 1) www.IMAQ.org
LEADR (LEADR Advanced Mediator) www.leadr.com.au; www.leadr.co.nz
mediationcenter a/s (MC Certified Mediator) www.mediationcenter.dk
NMI (NMI Certified Mediator) www.nmi-mediation.nl
ACB Group www.acb-group.com
ADR Chambers Canada www.adrchambers.ca
ADR Center www.adrcenter.it
ADR Services Inc www.adrservices.org
ACCTM www.acctm.org
AAA Mediation www.aaamediation.com
CEDR Solve Direct www.cedr.com
CIArb www.arbitrators.org
Core Mediation www.core-mediation.com
CPR Institute www.cpradr.org
WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center www.wipo.int/amc

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