Friday, April 17

New York

Want the Big Apple experience?

Then you should be here in my hotel room - well not too many of you as you don't get much for $229 plus taxes and tips in NYC - but, from here I can see the
David Letterman Late Show line snaking out down Broadway and around into 53rd St and I sure can hear those guys from FDNY/NYPD down on the street.

The ABA Dispute Resolution Section conference is in the closing stages with final day tomorrow - I will post some papers in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the IMI Independent Standards Commission met yesterday and today to look at IMI's work so far - a truly international grouping.

(left to right) Bill Marsh (UK), Bruce Whitney (US), Geoff Sharp (NZ), James South (UK), Judith Meyer (US), John Sturrock QC (Scotland), Chris Honeyman (US)

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