Monday, April 27

Unforseen business risks out of a clear blue sky

Having returned to New Zealand in the weekend, I was just back in harness today when my phone went.

An authoritative voice on the other end announced that I had been on the same plane from L.A. as a group of kids who had been on a school trip to Mexico and were now exhibiting symptoms of swine flu.

I was informed that I was now required to take some pills that were being couriered to my home as we spoke and then put myself into 72 hours (count'em 72) quarantine - I completed the mediation I had today but have had to cancel the remainder of the week.

Given this blog will be my only contact with the outside world, standby for posts from one bored blogger.


Charon QC said...

I hope all is well with you - I shall raise a glass... good opportunity, albeit enforced, to do some writing?

Good luck!

PS.. Feel a bit guilty about taking the micky out of all the Panic that is going on.

Geoff Sharp said...

Dear Charon QC, your concern is touching and since Tamiflu and a good NZ pinot don't mix please seek one out on my behalf.

John Ford said...

Hey Geoff,
Holding my thumbs for you mate! Use some of that powerful Hurricane energy-they'll blow everything except bulls and sharks away. Just like they did with the poor old ozzie wild horses!
All the best,

Hayden Wilson said...

Hey Geoff - hope all is well and yopu head back in the direction of a pinot in not too many hours.

Chris Annunziata said...

The good news is that if you test positive, the cases that have been confirmed outside of Mexico are considered mild

I hope it passes uneventfully.

An editor said...

We are all waiting for at least two posts a day so that we know you are all right. Or you can start writing a book. I'd love to buy the copyrights for the Romanian language.

Geoff Sharp said...

Thanks All for your concern, we are counting down and are to be let out in 12 hours. My first act of freedom will a visit to the supermarket - a sad reflection on our modern lifestyle.