Saturday, June 20

TheTriumph of Soft Skills

I sat in for a chat about mediation at a Big Law breakfast this week (juice, muesli, black coffee) and we talked about the evolving face of the new lawyer as well as 10 things lawyers should do in mediation.

They are on to it. They know what their clients are looking for.

Just like the wild, wild west, where eventually gun slingers became an endangered species, so too with one track lawyers.

Instead, we now need rounded skills and the youngsters I spoke to are well on their way.

As I said in a previous post;

"If you are a young lawyer under the tyranny of an old lawyer, do yourself a favour and read The New Lawyer: How Settlement is Transforming the Practice of Law underneath the desk during your lunch break (you get one of those, right?)"

See CPR's take on it

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