Wednesday, June 7

The Future Is Now

I have posted before about the panel of 10 intrepid ADR explorers being assembled by the NZ Office of the Domain Name Commissioner to start a journey into the mediation unknown...

Who will boldly go where no other NZ neutral has gone before (sound of gramophone needle across vinyl)...and who will do no/nada/nix/zip face2face mediations when resolving domain name disputes.

Based on the UK domain name system Nominet, mediation will instead be via wire, by phone primarily: one-on-one shuttle supposedly, by conference call hopefully.

With a finish date a nano second (ok, 10 days) after the dispute lands on the unsuspecting mediator's screen and with a flat, swings and roundabouts per mediation fee there is no room here for malingerers.

It's likely
a tussle for use of the bit of cyberspace named 'www.climatescience' between the Climate Science Coalition and Greenpeace NZ might be the first domain dispute seen by the new DNC dispute resolution service.

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