Friday, December 22

The Mediation vBlog Project: a mediator's marketing dream

The smart money is on using the Mediation vBlog video site as a marketing tool.

Hey! If Her Majesty, The Queen of England can podcast her traditional Christmas Day message to her subjects, you can post a vBlog clip!

So far, posting a clip at the vBlog has proved to be the best excuse I know of to spend an hour interviewing a good client, as if to say; 'you are important enough for me to want to show you off to my global mediation community'

The downside?

It adds at least 4 or 5 years and 6 or 7 kilo's to anyone over 40.

Check out the last 2006 additions...

Susan Freeman-Greene, Chief Mediator at NZ's Human Rights Commission as she describes what it's like to mediate between an airline and a Islamic religious leader who was identified as an inflight security threat over NZ as he completed his religious ablutions in the toilet at the back of the plane...

Her Honour Judge Jill Moss, a leading judge of
NZ's specialist Family Court and advocate of mediation for family matters within the Court. The Judge shares her thoughts on mediation, child involvement and the skills needed for such high emotion work...

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