Wednesday, March 21

Marketing Mediation Services

There some wonderfully generous blogs out there that focus on building a mediation business and marketing it, including... Mediation Mench and Mediation Marketing Tips and Mediator Tech.

Well, today in my morning mail I found two direct marketing items, both fairly impressive.

Can I ask you 3 marketing gurus this... do either of these marketing techniques hold any potential for mediators?

The first is a letter from Bangkok, Thailand (with some lovely stamps) advising that New Petone Tailor's Managing Director, Mr S.N. Sam, would be visiting a town near me in April as part of an 'extensive tour of NZ' and he could measure me for a new tailor made suit or three if I had the time and cash.

The second item was an article on public speaking appearing to have been ripped from a magazine as if the sender had read it and thought it might interest me. It referred to a speaking tool of some sort and came with a signed hand written 3M sticky note on it saying 'Geoff try this. It works!'

Any lessons for mediators here?


Anonymous said...

Hello there, Geoff! Oh so shockingly, I had a few things to say in reply, so I decided to take the conversation back to my blog and post you a letter from there.

You can find it at Mediation Marketing and Direct Mail: A Note to Geoff Sharp . Happy spring (it's finally here in the U.S.),


Dina Lynch, said...

Hi Geoff,

Thanks for asking! It's crucial for mediators to adopt and adapt mainstream business practices whenever possible.

Of course, that requires thought. Since I'm just back from the beautiful beaches of Vieques, I'll gonna ponder a bit before weighing in. I'll have a post on my blog and an article in the free section of at the week's end.

Oh, and there's still a space or two on the Art of Pricing call for this Thursday at 1 p.m. Understanding pricing is definitely a practice we should adopt and one of my keys for creating a salable asset.

Adios, Dina!