Tuesday, May 15

Professor Kimberlee Kovach

I am delighted to announce that Prof. Kimberlee Kovach of Austin, Texas has agreed to post the odd piece on mediation ethics at this blog - hitherto a large gap in the content.

Kim is currently a Distinguished Lecturer in Dispute Resolution at South Texas College of Law and has, over the past 15 years, published much in the mediation area including Mediation: Principles and Practice now in its 3rd edition and required reading for ADR courses in most leading US law schools.

Kim has taught at the Law Schools of Pepperdine, Hamline (Rome and St. Paul), Idaho and Humboldt (Berlin).

Kim is one half of a dynamic dispute resolution duo, with my friend Eric Galton of the Lakeside Mediation Centre, Austin, Texas and who I met when Kim, Eric and the kids travelled to New Zealand a while back.

Eric is the author of one of the most wonderful reflective mediation books I know - Ripples on Peace Lake.

Welcome Kim, we all look forward to some much needed gravitas on this sometimes alarmingly loose blog.

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