Thursday, June 21

Mediation Greenies?

Inspired by The Green, the environmental programming on Sundance Channel, Dina Beach Lynch poses the question: can mediation be green?

She then asks her blogging mediator buddies to take crack at the answer in their blogs. Dina has got some erudite answers; this isn't one of them.

So I guess mediation can be green if you are...

Michael Green QC a mediator from New South Wales Australia, or Rachel Green a divorce mediator from Brooklyn NY, or

Sweetwater Mediation of Green River, WY, or

New Zealand Green Party advocating restorative justice, or

the law offices of mediation friendly firm
Green & Green,

or indeed this
recipe for a Mediator's Special Green Chili Enchilada

1 comment:

Dina Lynch, said...

It ain't easy being green. Thanks Geoff for looking at the lighter side of things.

Best, Dina