Wednesday, September 12

An email exchange with counsel

I don't mean to blog my life, but I thought this email exchange with a repeat user attorney client, who I know and like, maybe holds some learning.

It's in the context of a difficult mediation sometime ago, followed by me chasing up an unpaid invoice... and I think shows the value of always calling the elephant in the room, even if it's just real brief;

"Hi [ ]
On the assumption you will flick my other email re the invoice to your client I thought I would say this separately

I have always been a bit uneasy about this mediation, not only because we didn't get to yes, but I don't think I really connected with your people who I found challenging... all I'm really trying to say is that if there is a problem with the way the mediation went from their perspective, please let me know and we can work something out...

Hope you are well


Thanks for that.

I am still working through issues with my people. For some reason (and in hind sight I suspect we put ourselves under unhelpful time pressure - it was probably a two dayer) the mediation didn't click and it wasn't just you. I was off my game and my client wasn't ready to move on....altogether an unhelpful combination.

I will get back to you but we are still hoping to resolve it. We did go back with a counter offer but the contract issues still needed to be finalised. Those became complex and nailing a position has proved a bit tricky.



Anonymous said...

Geoff, I'm so glad you shared this because it's a lovely example of excellent customer service, not just of naming the possible elephant in the room. You went the extra mile and I'm betting this attorney will think even more highly of you as a result.

I think it can be uncomfortable for some folks to reach out the way you did, as though saying what you wrote might convey they didn't measure up somehow. But you did it from a place of confidence and self-awareness, and it showed nicely. Your note is a nice model for others who walk out of mediations thinking, "Hmmmm...."


Chris Annunziata said...

Just goes to show the power of an apology (of sorts). But your anecdote still begs the question, "Did they pay?" ;-)

Geoff Sharp said...

Thanks guys, your comments are appreciated and it felt good to have fronted this with counsel and cleared any bad air - that's the trouble I didn't know if it was an issue or not. But what a nice response I got eh?