Saturday, May 10

What UK Mediators Charge

In a kiss and tell article in the latest issue of The Mediator Magazine all is revealed about UK mediators' charge out rates in The Price is Wrong

"... Setting charge-out rates for mediators is a complicated and sensitive issue. In the UK the market is so oversupplied that if the number of commercial cases available were distributed evenly among accredited mediators, no mediator would be handling more than one a year. Under such market conditions, pricing is emotive, and competition sharp....

The results, with a few exceptions, demonstrate just how insecure the profession is at present. The underlying sentiment behind offering reduced rates for ‘convincing sob stories’, not charging for hours over the quoted-for eight or 10-hour thresholds, and not billing for too much preparation time is that mediators should be grateful for the work at any price. Among those mediators who did not want their rates published, a common sentiment was that clients immediately identify them as too expensive. Others still don’t have quoted rates and pitch for each job on the basis of what they think might get them the work...

Until the market can identify with certainty who the top mediators are and those mediators limit themselves to the top cases and charge properly for them, mediation is doomed to a future of weakness and desperation" [read more]

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