Wednesday, November 26

More Harvard Treasures

Well, I've said before that they put something in the water at Harvard a year or so ago and ever since the ivy clad walls have been tumbling down to reveal online treasures inside the hallowed grounds (a collection here).

So it is that Harvard Negotiation Law Review has at last got itself an online presence and it's fresh out of the box here.

Recent posts include;

Junctions Along the ADR Spectrum
Collaborative Law — A New Choice for Divorcing Families
Reporting on Palin: Negotiations in Political Theater

HNLR Online will include articles by ADR professors, students, and practitioners and plans to draw attention to important developments in the world of negotiation/ADR and comment on the negotiation angle to current events.

"We will publish cutting-edge articles about new negotiation/ADR trends and about innovative ways in which negotiation and ADR are being used to solve a variety of disputes. Comments will be enabled on all blog postings, and we anticipate a lively discussion on the interaction of negotiation theory and practice."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to us! We're still seeking interesting articles on a variety of topics. If you or your readers would like to submit something, please send to hnlr AT, and include HNLR Online in the subject line.
Stephanie Singer,
HNLR Online Executive Editor