Wednesday, December 3

A Cheap Shot

A brave post over at the transformative focused Dialogic Mediation Services Blog giving readers ten reasons to hire the author;

10. After I open the session by discussing how I mediate, you decide whether my approach can be of use.
9. You decide what to talk about.
8. You decide how to have the conversation.
7. I have only one rule for the mediation and that’s for myself — I keep everything you say confidential (except for information about an actual or potential threat to human life or safety).
6. I will not reframe anything you say, no matter how bitter, negative or emotional someone else may think it is.
5. I will not try to ‘vent your feelings’ — get them out of the way so that you can talk about the ‘facts’.
4. I will not stop you from talking about the past.
3. My goal is not to show you the way to settle your differences.
2. I don’t offer expert advice or information in law, child development, financial management etc.
1. My goal is not to end your conflict for you — rather to support you in “turning conflict into conversation”. [read more]

The only question I and the other unwashed have is - well, what do you do then?


Unknown said...

Good morning,
I'm wondering if you read all the way to the end?

It says, "I work towards this goal by focusing on the movement and structure of conversation you have in mediation in ways that support your becoming clearer about your situation and your decisions about how to handle it."

Is what way isn't that "doing something"?

I read it and want to hear more about the Redress program mentioned.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The home page for the Postal Service's REDRESS program is: with links to all sorts of information about it.