Thursday, May 7

Okay wise guy, what would you do...

... if the parties had asked you to take the original of their hard won signed settlement agreement with you when you finished up late last night so you could scan it and email it around to them the next day and... your state-of-the-art scanner/printer swallowed it and refused to give it up?

I mean really shredded it deep within its bowels...*

* I am asking on behalf of a friend, really.


Mediator Jeff said...

... well, definitely not the first thing I would do, but it would be somewhere on the list:
buy a flat-top like scanner (like a copier) instead of the fax machine all-in-one thingy.

further thoughts and suggestions
(and diane might chime in as this being part of web 2.0)- always have a laptop handy to write the agreements on. There are some very compact/light weight computers AND printers out there that would be useful.

Colm said...

Have a couple of stiff drinks after you call in tech support!

If your tech person can't retrieve it from the bowels of the infernal machine (gives a new meaning to the "ghost in the machine"), or even if you can get something torn and tattered from it, you must tell counsel and ask for their help in reconstructing it using their notes, your notes and what has likely emerged from the photocopier/scanner!

Sometimes we have no option but to take the original but in future I will be making sure that there is a photocopier available wherever I mediate.

As for scanners, I have had a Fujitsu Scan Snap for several years and highly recommend it.

Do let us know the outcome of your "friends" dilemma!


Chris Annunziata said...


Quite seriously, a $300 printer/scanner can be replaced.

I'd smash it open.

steve Mehta said...

unless you have a copy, isn't the only thing to do in the moment is to apologize; resend another written copy (maybe not signed) and do it instantly. get them to sign again. When they do; breathe a sigh of relief, drink a glass of wine and follow some of the other advice about printers/scanners, etc.

By the way, I always tell the parties at mediation that I NEVER keep the original. I will make a photocopy at the time. Now I realize that this procedure would also prevent this catastrophe because even if the copier ate it. the parties are there and could instantly re-sign.