Thursday, August 13

blah... blah... bows out

Regular visitors to this blog will have noticed a gradual decline in posting over the last couple of months.

Life, dear reader, has got busy and the call of the keyboard is not what it was after 1016 posts. I have decided to pack it in.

To some extent I feel this blog has achieved its aim of bringing the best of the ADR web to those who might not have otherwise sought it out. I leave you in the hands of many doing exactly that and better than I ever could.

To my blogging buddies; my apologies for not consulting you on this but I didn't want you to talk me round.

It's time for new projects and, for me, a time for family to pull together and look after our own.

Never say never, but for the moment not much new will be posted here.

We've had fun, you and me. Thanks for reading, I remain grateful that you took the time.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the insightful content Geoff. Our loss, but I completely understand. Best, Don

Rick Weiler said...

Geoff, I completely understand and support your decision. For me, your blog has been the single most valuable mediation resource on the web and I will miss it. Thank you for all you've done. I wish you continued success as you carry on down the path and I hope that path will, on occasion, cross with mine.

Rick Weiler
Ottawa, Canada

Marv Schuldiner said...


You will be missed. Even if you post infrequently, please continue to do so.

Tammy said...

Geoff! I'm going to miss you tremendously -- one of the originals in our little ADR blog squad. While I'll miss your content to be sure, mostly I'll miss connecting across the ocean with you -- and do hope that our paths will continue to cross in other times and places.

Be well, my friend, and thanks for all you've given.


Diane Levin said...

Geoff, I will miss your insights, your humor, and your common sense - qualities all too often in short supply - and which you shared in abundance through this blog. Thanks for being such a great colleague and pal here in the blogosphere.

My good wishes go with you, my friend. And you know that there's always a warm welcome (and a cold beer) awaiting you here in Boston.

With warmest wishes to you and your family - thinking of you -

Victoria VanBuren said...


Thank you for the note. We will miss your cool posts and videos.


Victoria VanBuren

Sandy Upchurch said...

and just as I was jumping into the pool - you jump out... such is life right? time to focus on those right in front of you instead of those on a computer screen - I get it!!

Best regards,
Sandy Upchurch
Mediation Counsel
Upchurch Watson White and Max

Colm said...


Thanks for all your effort and insight.

You will be missed - as above, I hope you keep the blog alive even if you only post now and then.



Jason said...

Thank you for all the words you have typed on your computer! It truly has given great insight to me and many!


michael webster said...

Hey, this is too bad!

I enjoyed the pithy remarks, subtle jabs, and overall good sense.

Hope you find a way back, sometime.

Chris Annunziata said...

Geoff, I can only echo the words you posted on my blog a few short weeks ago when I threatened to allow real life to push blogging to the back burner.

Your blog has been a resource and inspiration. You proved that blogging about mediation can be amusing without being farcical.

I will not ask you to reconsider, as it seems your mind is set, but only ask the you keep the door open for an occasional return.

I hope the things that are pulling you away bring you joy and fulfillment.

If you are ever in Atlanta, please look me up.



John Sturrock said...

Just wish I had followed your blogs more before now, Geoff - good luck as you go forward

Steve Mehta said...

Your blog has inspired me and others to write and to research. Thanks.

Prachi said...

I take it your decision to 'pack it in' is restricted to the virtual (blogging) world of ADR and that you would still be seen in the real world of ADR, like at the upcoming LEADR Conference in Melbourne

And your readers can probably hang on to their hopes of your continuing to blog atleast intermitently considering that the 'Subscribe now' sign for the blog's Feed is still up ;-)

Prathamesh D Popat

Amanda Bucklow said...

Dear Geoff! I was only talking about you this week to your fellow countryman - Tony Willis and here you are signing off, for the time being we hope.

Thank you for such inspiring writing over the years. I think many have much to thank you for in setting the standards for polite irreverence! Me included.


John said...

What wonderful tracks you have left on the internet ... let's hope that perhaps there will be occasions for future missives from Down Under to entertain and educate us, at one and the same time, as only you can do.


Anonymous said...

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Peacemakers Trust director said...

Geoff, I've always enjoyed your blog. I'll miss it! Very best wishes!

Catherine Morris

Brother Mat said...

Truly a loss for the ADR blogging world. This was, like totally, an awesome mediation resource.

-MR. C-S-P-M

Mediator Jeff said...


Your blog has been a gem and I appreciate everything you have selflessly have given to us.

Unknown said...

Geoff, what a shock to read upon return from vacation! thank you for the cutting-edge thinking, the humor, and especially the unadulterated opinions that you have so generously posted. hope we will see you soon again here, there, or anywhere. (and there will always be a bowl of soup waiting if you ever make it over here to Tuscany.)
all the very best,
Mike Mcilwrath

Minneapolis DUI lawer said...

Your posts will be greatly missed!

Jason said...

Sorry to see you go.

J Keaton said...


Your blog will be missed...

Zen4pamela said...

Geoff, I recently found your blog, apparently too late, and was wondering what sort of credentials are required to be a mediator in NZ? I'm married to a Kiwi who wants to move home from where we live in Seattle. There are no requirements to become a mediators in the U.S. really (some states have some limitations depending on what area the mediation is in). I enjoy mediation quite alot. I do mostly family court, divorce, custody but some small claims court issues as well. Is there any sort of license I would be required to have to do this same thing in NZ?

Monica Voicu, VP said...

You really were my inspiration I used to read all your blog entries you will be missed!

Paul Endress said...

Thanks for your content. I'm sorry to see the blog go away, but I understand how time consuming keeping up an active blog can be. All the best.

Adrian said...

You will be missed

Expert Witnesses said...

We come into your blog for learning many interesting articles. You will be missed very much.

expert witnesess said...

You will be missed. this is a great blog. thanks.

Plastic Ducting said...

Geoff, what a shock to read upon return from vacation! thank you for the cutting-edge thinking, the humor, and especially the unadulterated opinions that you have so generously posted. hope we will see you soon again here, there, or anywhere.