Monday, December 5

I'm a Magpie

Today’s mediation started out like most others, I slept fitfully, hopped on an early plane to find I had mismatched my socks in the dark, had a cup of coffee within a block of the venue and prepared my opening.

It flowed, it was under 10 minutes and I managed to include Robert Benjamin’s marvellously evocative phrase ‘dwelling alone in the middle’ and even pointed to the centreline crack in the table and told them, ‘don’t ever let me stray off of it’.

Sometime later, in an effort to turn heads north, I heard myself quoting Ally McBeal’s ‘bygones’.

Then all of a sudden it was getting on for 4 o’clock, so to finish off an alarmingly eclectic performance, I worked in a comment about how we would all get out of there sooner ‘if only they would show some luuuv …’ I think I got that from Bart Simpson, but who knows…

There were others but you had to be there...

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