Monday, December 5

Mediator blah...blah...what the...?!

Welcome to my professional development experiment seeking reflective supervision from the online global mediation community and where I hope to highlight aspects of mediation practice of interest to all mediators at the coalface of conflict, wherever we might be.

I intend my posts for the most part to be extremely brief but 100% fresh from the negotiation table (but maybe with a wee pinch of poetic licence to make a good yarn and maintain confidentiality) and I promise I will try to leave lofty mediation theory and thoughts to better qualified others.

I'm blogging from down here in beautiful New Zealand where we have an active but isolated community of mediators (like our kiwi bird who never learned to fly) so if you get what I'm trying to do, please comment and let us know you are out there.

Many thanks to my new e-friend and colleague, Diane Levin from Boston for encouraging me to get blogging

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