Wednesday, December 14

Night Sweats (2)

Read Night Sweats (1) first

So now I have had another dream...or is it a memory?

Whatever...but I do blame Baruch Bush for ending up on a tennis court in a suit - and his transformative teachings during his time DownUnder when I was a newbie.

What was it he said?

"Grasshopper - don't judge them, be attentive to E & R* opportunities and whatever else you do;

1. Watch for the flags that the parties wave at you and swim between them, there be monsters either side...follow don't lead/go where the parties go, when they want to go there

2. Explore the undertow of ambiguity and offer it back up to them

3. Stay in the here and now - being there in the moment, learn to recognise (then to catch) them
orange balls, offer them up to explore...they are gold nuggets my son, leave the yellows"

Twelve years later, my 2005 has been about really getting this.

* empowerment and recognition, as if you didn't know

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