Friday, February 10

Juggle This, Schedule That

So, how come some guys are brave enough to put their schedule online, but how does it work?

Wouldn't it spoil the fun of being double booked 3 days out and sticking pins in the one you needed to fall over?

More to the point, what happens when you've only got whitespace in there...does the world have to know too?

And what happens if you schedule in the kids' swimming sports... do you say
'on hold, please ring' just in case it rains? (I could link here, but I won't)

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Gary said...

Speaking of schedules, you have just worked Tues till 6:30PM on a contract dispute,(no.1) Wed till 5:00PM on a MVA personal injury dispute(no.2) and Thurs till 11:00PM on a small company shareholders dispute(no.3). Friday you spend most of the day on the phone and eventually the dispute no.3 settles. You wake up Saturday and as you slowly open your eyes you are comparing how you feel to the discription of post tramatic stress you heard in dispute no.2. You can't hold a thought, you feel either mildly depressed or exhausted, your not sure if the contruction dispute was no.1 or no.2. You remember at one point during the week a participant commented on how they wanted to mediate because you looked so relaxed and were enjoying yourself. You just smiled. In a few minutes you have to face the world and you feel like the worst hangover you ever had in college.Now you think about the fact you have not had time to "de-brief". A mental health friend said they are not allowed to leave the hospital with out spending an hour "de-briefing" their day with their fellow staff. Just like a hangover day maybe it's a day to stay away from the heavy lifting and try to "debrief". No one wants to talk to you so you open the computer and pick any entry in Sharp's blog and spill your inane thoughts. If he puts it up maybe some one out there has a pill which works to "delete" the week. Next week will be better. Is it just me, is there a cure?