Thursday, February 23

Sid Lezak

A while back I posted about the interesting folks we get down here in Aotearoa during the Northern Hemisphere winter.

Well, the other day we had the grand daddy of mediation pay us a visit.

Sid Lezak who is a former long serving US Attorney for Oregon was way ahead of the game when he began mediating in the 70's.

(The closest I got to mediating back then was to sneak out of boarding school and go to the transcendental meditation pad down the road where we got to inhale the incense when Maharishi wasn't looking)

Sid and his wife Muriel paid a flying visit as Muriel spoke to neuropsychologists around some of our universities.

It turns out that the Lezaks know the last couple of US ambassadors to New Zealand as well as the brand new incumbent, William P McCormick.

So Muriel, Sid and I went on over to the embassy to see how the Ambassador was settling in. We discussed the finer points of American football and NZ rugby with him and i
t turns out his kids have defected in the space of 3 short months and rugby is in their blood.

Oh yeah, the NZ/US relationship looks good too...we're old friends, let's stay that way in these trying times.

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