Thursday, February 23

Timed Out

Today I'm sad.

A good friend and talented colleague is out.

Too many people in his face.

Too much conflict.

He says he's faking it, he doesn't really care anymore and 'they just gotta move on and half of them need to get a life...'

He's lonely in his work and angry at people he doesn't even know .

I saw sleepwalkers in my law practice, now here.

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Anonymous said...

Your friend has raised a number of things it would be interesting to hear from other mediators about. "Too much conflict" I seem to look at conflict much like sports where it is always more fun to play against the better teams. "Some people need to get a life". I agree, but I seem to look at it as my job to help them, in spite of their warts,to get past the problem at hand. After the mediation, settle or not, I watch them leave and wish I could send them to the hospital for major brain surgery. "Lonely in this work" Well I'm writing to your blog aren't I. "Angry at people". I don't feel that way offen or for long, perhaps because my belief is one never want's to argue with a fool because those watching won't know which one is the fool.