Wednesday, March 8

A Jobbing Mediator's Tool Box

Work with families?

Well, have a decko at another offering by John Wade of the Dispute Resolution Centre at Bond University in sunny Queensland, Australia.

It's jam packed with take-aways and includes:

Tools from a Mediator’s Tool Box; reflections on matrimonial property disputes

1. Preparation - objective ranges of outcomes
2. Preparation - systematic questions to agents
3. Diagnosis - primary and secondary conflict
4. One day model of meeting
5. 'Settle now, or settle later' - an ice breaking chart
6. Standardising issues on the whiteboard
7. Conditional linked bargaining
8. Stonewalling at the bottom of the range

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Gef Resolution said...

Dear Geof

thank you for the tool box and relevant information shared with us. I highly I appreciate it. It has opened my eyes to some areas in family mediation. I wish you more success.

I am writing from Poland