Tuesday, March 7

Mediator Marginalia & Notes

Jeez, I came back into the room yesterday and they were reading my notes!!

I got mad, right?

Well no, I explained that the scrawled letters 'BS' followed by two exclamation marks on the page (next to the $$ claim) did not mean I thought their claim lacked credibility, 'no, no I said, mediators don't take views like that'.

...rather it meant I wanted them to explain it some more, so it could be respected by the other side who were, by the bye, keen to explore the letters 'BS' in some detail....

Note to self: 1. no need to take any more reframing classes, and 2. trust no one when doing the shuttle thing.

1 comment:

Diane Levin said...

Hey, nice save, Geoff.

And thanks for the reminder for all of us about keeping notes away from prying eyes. I'm in the middle of teaching a mediation training--I plan to share this story with my class when we meet next. They love this kind of war story.