Tuesday, April 4

So, You Want To Make The World A Better Place?

And you think this is a vocation not a job, right?

Well sorry - we mediators, we nobel conflict management specialists dedicated to reducing the amount of conflict in this stressed world of ours are just making things worse.

From the UK, Dr John Clark argues in an insightful article that the growing acceptance of mediation will not only increase the number of commercial disputes, but will also lead to significant shifts in the structure of the commercial litigation market. There will be winners and losers as a result.

Yeah, I get it. It's like, when they build a new 8 lane freeway, it just means more cars because its easier to get around.

John's theory is that if it is now cheaper to have a dispute, more people will do it!...[read more].

From my own self [absorbed/centered/concerned/indulgent/interested/serving] mediator's perspective...

...is there a problem?

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