Sunday, April 2

MESO Soup For The Soul

This guy was a great negotiator.

Plenty of energy and plenty of angles... just hope he's not minded to jump the tracks and hang out a mediator's shingle.

The morning was spent exploring unmapped and little understood areas of the claim with some BIG FAT questions, all open and inviting. Questions like;

>OK, you say we stuffed up, what should we have done when we got your letter?
>So, what might have been - if all this hadn't turned on its head ...where would we be now?
>When we did X, how did you perceive us? Do you want to know what we thought?

But his best move was reserved for after lunch with Multiple Equivalent Simultaneous Offers

He put 3 tentative endings out there. All were endings he could live with and all were of the same value as far as he was concerned.

By offering multiple proposals he communicated flexibility (I am willing to construct the deal in different ways depending upon your priorities), but allowed himself to be aggressive (I can anchor all of the packages to my advantage and I can be more persistent in my demands because I have already signaled flexibility) while gathering information about the other side's priorities*
*Husted Medvec and others - Choice and Achievement at the Bargaining Table: The Distributive, Integrative, and Interpersonal Advantages of Making Multiple Equivalent Simultaneous Offers

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