Monday, May 15

Mediators Free of the Baggage that Former Judges Carry

This is an interesting piece by Jeff Kichaven, a mediator out of Los Angeles (Daily Journal May 08, 2006).

Worth a read as it seems to be a debate gathering heat in the retired judge/mediator vs attorney/mediator world.

Take a look at the post that starts 'Those Pesky Little Ex-Judge Mediators' and ...enter the ex-judge wannabe mediator. The ex-judge thinks he has experience as a mediator....

And then there's the transformative folk having a go at everyone else... 'Folger claimed that prevalent mediation methods hurt the parties and endanger the entire mediation field. He explained that clients who experience the most commonly used mediation methods find the process extremely frustrating...'

...come on guys, a bit of walk the talk.

My view?...the market is all powerful and will decide who delivers value.

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