Sunday, May 21

Social Psychology and Mediation; Theory to Practice

A lot of interest in my last post including a friendly note from Rick Weiler, a prominent commercial mediator from Ottawa on The Psychology of Mediation and Negotiation Workshop we are hosting in NZ next month:


I've been enjoying your blog from afar (although no place is really afar these days....grin).

This post interests me.

I won't be able to join you for the Lord of the Rings tour etc but I wonder if it's possible to get an ecopy of the paper “Theory to Practice - Mediators Can Practise What Psychologists Teach”.

When we look outside our profession, decades of research in social psychology have assigned names and explanations to intuitive observations of human behaviour often seen in our mediations so I'm hoping this workshop will suggest ways to use insights into psychological processes at the table.

Take a look at this article by Julie Turchin and James McGuire 'Social Psychology and Mediation ; Theory to Practice'

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