Monday, May 22

Flying Solo?...then don't travel coach

Us go-it-alone mediators need to stick together.

Yeah, especially us refugees from big (law) firms who have not quite come to grips with the day we handed in our security card and made that lonely journey to the basement carpark carrying a brown box filled with paper clips and a photo of the kids.

Oh, and then there's the office that no longer looks out over the bay...but hey, those bricks outside my window take on a beautiful hue around sunset...if only I could do something about that damn extractor fan from the Star of India...

But hey, there's plenty of help out there.

Like, would someone tell me what the heck is start-up stamina...flat world thinking...sustainable routine...extreme outsourcing....leveraging technology...elevator test...extendibility...failing forward...

Well, get with the program with wonderfully rich and generous resources that leverage the hell out of technology and anything else you need to run a nimble ADR practice, to be found at:

1. Tammy Lenski's MediatorTech and her free Essential Tech Tools for Mediators

2. Diane Levin's Online Guide to Mediation who has just been voted National Institute for Advanced Conflict Resolution's #1 ADR Blogger ...which is described as 'smart, insightful, and highly readable'

3. Adriana Linares' I [heart] Tech...ever heard of cleartype...gotta get it

4. Bruce Judson's must read book for all acorns with aspirations of oak trees, Go It Alone...and its in full text on the web with a streaming audio!


Tammy Lenski said...

Thanks for the nod, Geoff! It was a treat to be recognized by NIACR and you in the same day. I guess the world really is flat...

Dina Lynch, said...

Congrats, Geoff, on being recognized!

Mediation Mensch, my blog, is more about how to run an ADR business than actual mediation. will launch in early June as the clearinghouse for all things business ADR.

It's straight talk with doable solutions so no need to worry about corporate speak.


Dina Beach Lynch
Mediation Mensch

Robert Grey said...

But Geoff, maybe that fan IS the star. ;-)