Friday, October 20

Impasse and the Threatened Walk Out

Over at The Divorce Law Journal, a very mediation friendly family law blog, Diana Skaggs has a great post Impasse and the Threatened Walk Out.

Diana helpfully points us to Peace Talks for some good material. Check out some useful resources for family mediation participants;

Child Centered Issues;
Child Support Checklist
Parenting Plan Checklist
Parenting Plan Holiday Schedule
Parenting Plan Daily Calendar
Child Information Worksheet
Sample Parenting Plan Schedules
Reasons to Mediate Parenting Plans
When Your Children are With the Other Parent
Personal Forms;
Personal Data and Information
Division of Property Checklist
Budget and Income Information
Financial Information
Spousal Support Issues
Spousal Support Buy Out Issues
Spousal Support Checklist
Dealing with Conflict

Here for my post on my own recent walk out.

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DIana L. SKaggs said...

Geoff, Thanks for the refernce to my blog. I thoroughly enjoy yours and have learned so much from it.