Friday, October 20

Message from Jim Melamed


I hope that you will consider supporting the "Mediators' Statement" described at

There is a Press Release at which is to be distributed as widely as possible.

Thanks for your consideration and efforts to get this Press Release to the larger world. Please pass on to family and friends and ask them to do the same. We can make the world a more sane and better place.

Time for us all to step up.

Jim Melamed, CEO for"

Here is the text of the Mediators' Statement developed at the recent Senior Mediators Conference in Keystone, Colorado:

"Given that the world is confronted with real and perceived threats from several international arenas we, the undersigned, urge that citizens of our nations insist their elected and appointed government officials immediately engage in honest, direct and unconditional negotiations with all authorities and powers who can resolve these pending crises in ways that are equitable and practical for all concerned without sacrifice to national sovereignty or security. As citizens of the world and as professional negotiators and mediators we urge that proven conflict resolution processes be employed now"

Let's support it folks

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