Tuesday, October 10

Online teleconference: blog marketing

This Thursday 11 October, Marketing Mediation Excellence will be the theme of a free 1 hour online teleconference to be presented by a group of us mediators and lawyers at 11 am Pacific, 2 pm Eastern, 7 pm UK/Ireland, and 7 am (the next day, Friday 12 October in New Zealand - do it in your jammies)

This innovative event is organized by the very able John DeBruyn, based in Denver and will primarily look at blogging (why blog/why read/mediation blog marketing and networking) but also mediation web sites and newsletters.

Panel members include;
Robert Ambrogi, Boston area
Diane Levin, Boston area
John DeBruyn, Colorado
Gini Nelson, New Mexico
Louise Wildee, Colorado
Geoff Sharp, New Zealand

We'll be referring to a set of power point slides that may be loaded on your computer and viewed during the online teleconference.

Join the over 100 already registered, go get connected at the conference web site http://coadr.com/

Most of us will be using Skype http://skype.com/

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